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Kristone Capistrano Drawing Portrait ContemporaryThe Bridegroom Drawing Charcoal Portrait

The Bridegroom Charcoal Portrait Kristone Capistrano
‘The Bridegroom’. Charcoal and black pastel on Fabriano Paper. (220 x 150 cm)

From Mosul to Mount Druitt Kristone Capistrano Drawing RefugeesFrom Mosul to Mount Druitt Charcoal Kristone Capistrano Refugee

From Mosul to Mount Druitt Kristone Capistrano
‘From Mosul to Mount Druitt’. Charcoal, black pastel and scratching on Fabriano paper.(238 x 150 cm)

Self-Portrait Drawing Time-lapse Kristone Capistrano Art Drawing

‘Self Portrait’. Black pastel, charcoal and scratching on watercolour paper. (200 x 140cm)
Younger Brother Portrait Kristone Capistrano Charcoal
‘The Little Brother’. Pastel and compressed charcoal on paper. (186 x 140 cm)

Breathe Kristone Capistrano Blacktown Prize
‘Breathe’, Charcoal, Engraving and Scratching on Paper. (131 x 128 cm)
Kristone Capistrano Durational Self Portrait
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‘The Self’. Durational endurance-based self-portrait, executed in 24 hours. Begun at sunrise, erased and sandpapered 23 hours later. Charcoal, scratching and engraving on paper.        (237×140 cm)


‘Ecce Homo’. Pastel & compressed charcoal on paper. (173 x 130 cm)

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‘Homeless Man Outside David Jones’. Compressed charcoal and pastel on paper. Temporary installation of the finished portrait at Market Street, Sydney, the original site of portrait-transaction. (185 x 155 cm)
Woman Outside Blacktown Centrelink
‘Woman Outside Blacktown Centrelink’. Charcoal and Pastel on paper. (210 x 140 cm)
Portrait: Man Outside Blacktown Station
‘Man Outside Blacktown Station’. Compressed charcoal and pastel on paper. Temporary installation of the finished portrait at Blacktown Station, the site of portrait-transaction.         (160 x 140 cm)
‘Lines of Faciality’. Etching and aquatint on paper. (80 x 60 cm)