From Mosul to Mount Druitt, 2018 SOLD

kristone capistrano drawing art portrait

From Mosul to Mount Druitt
Charcoal, black pastel and sandpaper on Fabriano paper
238 x 150 cm
$ 2300 AUD

This is a drawing of the youngest of the Shasmas, an Iraqi-Chaldean refugee family who hails from the ancient town of Mosul. Basman the father, is partially depicted carrying his child, a shadow of his amputated leg is seen on the bottom left corner, a sign of the ISIS violence inflicted on the residents of Mosul since 2014. As a part-time school teacher, I have had the honour of teaching many newly arrived Chaldean children from Baghdad, Qaraqosh, Irbil, Mosul and other cities from Iraq. There is no way I can assume the experiences they have gone through, but I am nonetheless inspired by the courage and faith of these families.

From Mosul to Mount Druitt Kristone Capistrano Drawing Refugees