Ben Dixon, 2018 $2500 AUD


Kristone Capistrano Melbourne Forgotten Faces Crowther Contemporary Docklands Art Melbourne Forgotten Faces Crowther Contemporary Docklands Art
Ben Dixon, 2018
Charcoal, black pastel and sandpaper on Fabriano paper; 160 x 150 cm
$ 2500 AUD
Signed on verso

This is my second iteration of an Ecce Homo portrait to date. Rather than a heavily layered approach to rendering the face, I attempted in this drawing to create a more ‘luminous’ and expressive portrait. I attempted to extract as much visual information from as minimal intervention on the paper surface as possible. The vast white spaces left untouched is my attempt conveying a sort of luminous mystery. The title Ben Dixon refers to my surfer friend from Philosophy class whom I used as a model for this and my earlier ‘Ecce Homo’ portrait. I chose to include his portrait as part of the Forgotten Faces exhibition because of the stylistic presence of the work in relation to the other portraits exhibited there, but also because he is a descendant of convicts who migrated to Australia from the First Fleets .