Ecce Homo, 2017 $2500 AUD

kristone capistrano art portrait


Ecce Homo, 2017
Charcoal and black pastel on Arches paper
173 x 130 cm
$ 2500 AUD

Completed in January 2017, this is the first drawing that I have done since my five years hiatus from my art-practice. It was an exercise in drawing as endurance, mark-making as meditation. A gaze that draws simultaneously into the subject’s interior depths as well as outwardly onto the conscious horizon of the viewer. The eyes of this portrait contain a certain gravitas that pulls the viewer in. The gaze produces an interesting countermovement that looks outward at the viewer whilst simultaneously moving inwards into an interior space. Based on the level of complexity by which the pigments and textures are layered in this piece, I would say that for me personally, this is one of the two best drawings I have executed to date.

This work was exhibited as part of the 2017 Tim Olsen Drawing Prize at AD Space, Sydney as well as at the Pact Salon at PACT, Sydney during October 2018.